Press release


Starting tomorrow and until 14 May, in the docks of the foremost nautical district in the world, leaders in the boat building industry and in the quality production chain will welcome nautical enthusiasts, professionals, and visitors, bringing life to an entirely original show experience.


Atlante, 55 metres, from the CRN Yard is the flagship of the event. Aquarius, a 46 metre, two-masted yacht by Perini Navi is the queen of the sailing section.


Events spread throughout Versilia to show the quality and creativity of the Made in Italy label: design, food, art and fashion.

Viareggio, 10 May 2017 – Tomorrow is the start of the first edition of the Versilia Yachting Rendez-vous, the new international event dedicated to the high-end products of the nautical industry, in Viareggio from 11 to 14 May (www.versiliayachtingrendezvous.it): for four days, from 11 am to 9.30 pm (Sunday to 6 pm), one big yachting festival in the heart of the largest nautical district in the world.


72 yachts will meet on the docks of Viareggio, to show the public their beauty, as well as the design and construction capabilities of boatyards from Italy and abroad. On land, there will be 117 exhibiting companies: boatyards, accessories, and components representing the production chain and luxury services available in the luxury nautical sector.


The flagship of the first Versilia Yachting Rendez-vous is Atlante, a 55-metre mega-yacht, created by CRN Yachts, part of the Ferretti Group, which received multiple awards in 2016. Fruit of the synergy between the boatyard, the Nuvolari Lenard Studio - responsible for the outside design - and the Gilles&Boissier Studio - responsible for the interiors. On the other hand, the sailing queen of the show will be Aquarius, the 46 metre sailing mega-yacht built by Perini Navi, the foremost boatyard in the world in this sector.


At the Versilia Yachting Rendez-vous, there will be the top three large yacht builders in the world - all Italian brands: the Azimut Benetti Group with the fleet of Flybridge, Magellan and Atlantis. Benetti features in its 125-foot model the collaboration with the Rolls Royce brand in the name of technological innovation with delicious performance, comfort and silence. There will be a complete presentation of the brands belonging to the Ferretti Group - RIVA, Ferretti, CRN, Pershing, ITAMA, Custom Line, FSD – ,while Sanlorenzo Yachts will be showing newly built 33 metre and 36 metre vessels.


Animating the yachting festival, there will be many beautiful boats by labels that represent nautical excellence around the world, starting from the renowned and historical Baglietto Group, exhibiting four boats, including the 46-metre Fast, in addition to other significant Italian companies like Apreamare, which will be represented by two vessels, one 17-metre and one 20-metre, from the Maestro range, Cerri Cantieri Navali with the 102Flyingsport, FIPA with two large vessels including a 30-metre AByachts, and Picchiotti (Perini Navi group) with a 50-metre yacht.


Smaller, but equally precious and refined are the models offered by Cantieri Sarnico e Colombo and Giorgio Mussini. For the maxi-rib sector, there is an interesting exhibition of the four leading manufacturers in the world - Anvera, Cantieri Magazzù, Sacs and Tecnorib -  with boats up to 16 metres in length. Even Fincantieri Yachts will be present, with a representative stand. Foreign participants include international leaders like the Princess Group - offering new yachts up to 30 metres made in the UK, the American icon Bertram and the historical Nautors Swan, manufacturers of sailing yachts. In the “Italia” dock (darsena Italia), near the flagships, it will be possible to admire 10 leisure ships, including Etra (50 metres), Sole (44 metres), Fenix (35 metres) and Balista (46 metres).


In addition to the boats in the water, the exhibition route, which includes the famous via Coppino with its craftsmen and more traditional workshops, brings value to the luxury nautical production chain. There are more than 160 brands, manufacturers of components and accessories, innovative tenders, developers of technology, motors, refitting yards, tourist marinas, nautical and tourist quality services, selected and divided into the three themed areas: Tender&Toys, Superyacht Marina and Superyacht Equipment and Component.


“The Versilia Yachting Rendez-vous will represent the best of the luxury nautical industry - said Paolo Borgio, exhibition manager of VYR and head of third party organisers for Fiera Milano. A sensory itinerary that will involve the visitor in a unique, all-round experience between dream boats that are inextricably entwined with the luxury sectors that have made the Made in Italy label famous all around the world, like fashion, art, and classic cars. It will be a unique opportunity for the whole of Versilia, and especially for Viareggio, the beating heart of this district, which will consolidate its vocation as an international yachting city. At Fiera Milano, we have provided parters in the event with all our professional abilities in organising and managing large scale trade fairs, in order to guarantee an international event with the winning features we all expect”.


“Having created, in such a short amount of time, an event of this level, with 72 yachts and mega yachts, 60% of which are larger than 20 metres, the entire luxury production chain, services, and glamour, gives us great pride and satisfaction. We would like to thank our organising partners, and above all the entrepreneurs - from both Italy and abroad - who have believed in the Italian Nautical offer – said Lamberto Tacoli, President of Nautica Italiana. The Versilia Yachting Rendez-vous, which opens tomorrow, is proof that the nautical industry is alive, courageous, willing to keep on going, to risk, and to work as a team to compete as a system at an international level. We would like to thank the institutions - especially in Tuscany - that have been at our side, and we are sure that as of tomorrow it will be easier for many people to understand the Italian Nautical project, its extent and its strength, which can and will add resources to the Italian nautical sector.


“This event allows the entire Tuscan district to show, once again, its international significance, its history, the quality of its products, and the great steps in technological innovation – said Vincenzo Poerio, president of the Distretto Tecnologico per la Nautica e la Portualità Toscana. If the yacht market shows an undisputed Italian record, Tuscany plays a leading role, thanks to the network of innovative boatyards and businesses, service companies, and the capabilities in terms of hospitality. The economic sector linked with the nautical world includes a wide range of activities, professionals and trades, which involve more than 70 different types of profiles, from industry to tourism, which, in this beautiful region alone, involves about 3,000 businesses and more than 15,000 employees. The Versilia Yachting Rendez-vous represents the right opportunity to emphasise the potential of this sector. We can say that as of tomorrow, Viareggio is on the rise as the international yachting capital, at the centre of a strong and structured district that covers the entire regional territory".


An integral part of the Versilia Yachting Rendez-vous will be the events, planned both inside and outside the main event, with the purpose of involving the entire territory. Each of the four days will develop a main theme: design (Thursday 11 May), gastronomic excellence (Friday 12 May), art (Saturday 13 May), and fashion (Sunday 14 May).


The Altagamma Foundation - which represents the high cultural and creative industry of the country, and with whom Nautica Italiana is affiliated - was involved in the creation of the calendar of events.


The Versilia Yachting Rendez-vous, significantly driven by Nautica Italiana, is organised by Fiera Milano, in collaboration with the Distretto Tecnologico per la Nautica e la Portualità Toscana, with the support of the Tuscan Regional Authorities and the Municipality of Viareggio, with the intention of involving the entire industry, as well as national and international associations in the sector. The entire territory of Versilia, with its municipalities of Pietrasanta and Forte dei Marmi, will play an important role in terms of hospitality, as a stage and setting - from tomorrow until Sunday 14 - for the events that will take place during the days of the exhibition.