All the languages of the sea, at VYR, with IMAGINE



All the languages of the sea, at VYR, with IMAGINE

By its very nature, the world of yachting has always been diverse and international. 

Sailing takes us far away but at the same time brings us closer. As will happen in Viareggio from 9 to 12 May, when the Italia and Europa docks of the Port of Viareggio will once again become the world's most important exhibition centre for international and top-of-the-range yachting: this is where a large part of the megayachts that every year reach owners from all over the world are born.


All the industry's stakeholders - craftsmen, architects, project managers, owners, agencies, captains, crews and bokers - represent an international micro-community that needs a simple, direct interface, but at the same time a professional, design-oriented approach.


This is why translation and interpreting companies such as IMAGINE have recently entered the market. IMAGINE is a TÜV-certified company that has been operating since 1989 and has been offering professional translation and interpreting services in over 100 language combinations for almost 30 years. 


We asked Silvia Alberghini, Quality Assurance and R&D at the company, what kind of services they will be presenting to the various stakeholders at VYR 2019.


Our company has over 30 years' experience and offers translation and interpreting services, creation of translation memories and glossaries, DTP and graphics, legalisation and asseveration of translated documents, as well as language courses.  We have a two-pronged approach: the technical approach relating to manuals and sector specialisation of which we are very proud, and the emotional approach thanks to which we are able to convey the right mood in a brochure or company profile, tell the story of a project that is about to be born, communicate the company and its reliability. In addition, the customer can closely follow the work cycle via a web platform, our iGATE! portal!


How do you differ from your competitors?


One of our strong points is certainly quality. In fact, in addition to the three certifications UNI EN ISO 9001, ISO 17100 and UNI 10574, IMAGINE has adopted the SAE J2450 standard for measuring the quality of translation in the automotive sector, and has adapted to IATF 16949:2016 (an integration document of ISO 9001:2015) regarding risk management via PFMEA.


So there is a lot of innovation in the services you offer...


No, in the sense that IMAGINE certainly uses all the most avant-garde and high-performance software on the market and is able to process any text format, guaranteeing delivery in the same format in which it was received (FrameMaker, xml, InDesign, etc.). In addition, through the new iGATE portal, IMAGINE provides its customers with a repository of requests and content, which allows them to navigate safely in a dedicated area, where users can view and monitor projects using a dashboard that manages the various sections.


But what distinguishes us from our competitors is not so much the use of technology but the flexible and fast service, attentive to the needs of the customer and above all to quality processes. Technology is a support that helps us in this process, it helps us to be efficient but it is not the core of the work. The human component, just like the craftsmen in Via Coppino, is at the heart of our work.


Why did you decide to participate in VYR and what are your expectations?


We believe that our company can bring value to the nautical world and to the event in particular, both in terms of services and quality. We would propose ourselves to all companies that need translations and interpreting because we can cover all company sectors: technical, marketing, finance and legal with sworn translations and we support companies in meetings with experienced translators.